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Born out of love for computers. Work with us, discover what quality means.

We’re building a library of truly miscellaneous software. Desktop, mobile, web, backend, you name it. We code stuff. We design systems. We build prototypes. We put them all in one place. Some of them are free, some of them not. This is the place where we show you that we can code, that you can trust us, that we can be partners.

We want to complement our software with video tutorials. Because we love showing you our passion. Visually. Actually, there is a good chance you are here because you have just seen one of our videos. We want you to be able to engage with us, leave comments, even see us code. We want to create an experience.

But why miscellaneous? Our passion for computers produced over time various pieces of software that never really found their place in this world. They never had a place they could call home. Until now. The website is still under construction but we’ll try our best to come online as soon as possible and show you some misc.

We want to provide our potential clients with some ideas of what our team can achieve. We want to show off our skills and gain your trust. We want you to see us as reliable partners that will draw the system design you need, write an online service, put together an application, implement your business vision.

We are rebels and we hate complexity. We want our software to be durable and we know that complexity makes things fragile. This is why we post here small but well made pieces of software that can perhaps serve as a starting point for something bigger. We want this simplicity to be inspiring, also.

We’re thrilled. Please fill out the contact form below and we will answer you as soon as possible. Let us know about your ideas. Tell us everything about your project. We’re all ears and even if we don’t end up collaborating, why not share some ideas? We take pride in our creativity and solution oriented mindsets, so give us a chance!

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